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Our Products

Bagged Mulch

Bagged mulch is easier to deal with for smaller landscaping jobs. It is ideal to apply mulch twice a year to ensure that your plants are well protected.


Boulders create dramatic impact in any landscape. Use them functionally to divert traffic, or simply as the focal point in your gardens or waterfall.


Solite is a decorative, colorful option for covering large areas of land. It's natural color blends in well with any landscape, making your plants stand out.


Straw is one of the best choices for protection and insulation in the winter. It brightens any area year-round, and should be removed in the spring.


Sand comes in many types and colors. The most popular application for sand is as a base for pavers, but it can also be used for planting and repotting specific plants.


Gravel creates a unique aesthetic, and is a great option if you have dogs. Gravel tends to hold heat, so it's not always the best option for summer landscaping.


Good quality topsoil retains water as well as nutrients that promote healthy plant growth. Add topsoil to your landscape project to give plants a healthy start.

Bulk Mulch

For residential or commercial use, buying in bulk may save you money in the long run. Liter's Environmental can deliver quantities large and small, so call us today.

Top quality products

Long lasting, high quality products mean your projects look better from the beginning. From residential landscaping to retail businesses, the right landscaping materials can make a strong impact.

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